Grey Remedy celebrates the creation of art as a form of meditation. For Melissa J. Chin, working with clay, which initially started out as a small hobby, quickly transformed into a lesson on the power of discipline, persistence, and patience. The focus and self-control required to create ceramics allowed Melissa to explore mindfulness in a way that she had never tapped into, inspiring her to pursue more balance in her life outside of the studio. Driven by this new passion, Melissa decided to dive into her creative journey in the summer of 2017. Grey Remedy is the product of her daily practice in making art to ground herself. 

All Grey Remedy pieces are made with stoneware clay and are handcrafted from start to finish. The creation process, which involves forming the clay on the pottery wheel, air-drying it for several days, firing it in a kiln, glazing it, and then firing it again, takes several weeks for each item. Although producing stoneware inevitably involves tired hands and a lot (a lot!) of waiting, it is truly a rewarding labor of love.

Grey Remedy’s elegant, minimalist pieces are designed to complement any space and create a soothing atmosphere. Our hope is that these pieces will help you to turn each part of your daily routine into a beautiful and peaceful moment.